Reflection Assignments

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

INSTRUCTIONS: For all your Reflection Assignments, you will need to show an understanding of the material presented on Canvas and I will be looking for your own analysis.  Your analysis should show some critical thinking and you should make sure to fully explain your responses.  Please answer ALL of the following questions and answer ALL parts of each question.  1.) What are some of the main powers and responsibilities of Congress as listed in Article I?  Additionally, what has changed about Article I since it was written? Please mention particular sections of the article in your response.2.) What did you learn about the powers and responsibilities of the president and the executive branch in Article II?  Additionally, what has changed about Article II since it was written.  Please mention particular sections of the article in your response. 3.)  The Founding Fathers clearly designed Congress to have a lot of power and were obviously concerned about the president gaining too much power.  They set up a government where power was shared and divided amongst the three branches of government, in part to make sure no one person gained too much power.  Do you believe that Congress should have more power over our government than the president and do you think that the Congress ACTUALLY has more power than the president?  Think about what is going on now in our government and does it seem like Congress or the President has more political power? You do not need to write this is an essay-style format.  You can simply number each response #1-3.  This assignment should be submitted through Canvas.  You can either type it directly into Canvas or you can submit an attachment.The entire assignment should be at least 450 words in length. Keep in mind, this is the BARE MINIMUM that you should do and you should consider going over the minimum in order to receive a high grade on the assignment.

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