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Reflection G.I. Jane

Submit a term paper on Reflection G.I. Jane (1997). Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. G.I.Jane G.I. Jane The film G.I. Jane&nbsp.directed by Ridley Scott in 1997 focuses on the place of women in theUS military forces. Obviously, women represent a minority in military forces and they are almost absent in some divisions like US Navy. Women who want to build their career in military are seriously limited in their opportunities. They cannot have leading positions in their divisions without real war experience. Jordan ONeil becomes a trial project lobbied by the senator&nbsp.Lillian DeHaven&nbsp.who stands for women rights and equality. Jane gets an exclusive opportunity to participate in US Navy Training program and finishes it successfully.Double standard, bad attitude and stereotypes are the issues experienced by Lieutenant Jordan ONeil. Men do not treat her seriously. she is offered to use white steps during trainings and her results are not equated to her male colleagues. Nobody wants to be in one team with ONeil because men treat her as a weak woman and they do not believe that she is able to work really hard. Even though ONeil proves that she is able to achieve the same results as men, she is sent back home because of the internal investigation where she is suspected to be homosexual. In this way, discrimination and oppression of homosexuals in the US military forces is also addressed in the film. Today women have more opportunities to build career in military forces than they had 17 years ago when the film was released. The number of women in military is still small and there are many issues like rapes in military camps or gendered attitude to female officers. All issues covered in the film still exist in reality. however, more and more people are becoming aware about them. They support equal opportunities and rights for women in military and create organizations which support females who want to join military. This film has a great impact on American society as it stands for the rights of women and challenges traditional stereotypes about male and female occupations. Obviously, it is hard to watch how ONeil suffers when Urgayle beats her in front of her team. It is shocking to see how ONeils team members refuse to give her a hand when she helps them all during the training. At the same time, ONeil motivates women to achieve their goals despite all challenges. She proves that women can train hard. they are courageous and they are ready to risk their lives for the sake of others. There is one simple truth addressed in the film. neither men nor women are ready to accept equality literally. Many women still expect that that their special needs are considered while men still treat women as a weak gender. It is impossible to cross out patriarchal past from the history of the world. While this film addresses women in military context only, the same issue about occupations and gender roles takes place in everyday life. Men still believe that housework is not work at all or women drive worse than men. Education can prepare all people to accept this massive change and treat it respectfully. Educated people tend to be more politically correct and accepting. If they promote diversity, they promote it everywhere even if this diversity challenges history, gender roles or personal values. G.I. Jane&nbsp.is a great film that makes people reconsider their understanding of equality and become aware of the fact that equality is still an ideal they have to reach. ReferenceScott, R. (Director). (1997).&nbsp.G.I. Jane [Motion picture].USA: Caravan Pictures, First Independent Films.

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