Reflection on plasticized

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 3 pages paper on reflection on plasticized. The pollutants become part of organs of the fish which are then consumed by humans.Chelsea conducted a lab test where she confirmed that plastics do have disruptive effects on the bodies of fish where it can not only affect their organs it also effects their endocrine system, thereby halting their reproductive systems. As per her research work, she says plastics don’t biodegrade they photo-degrade, that is, the sun breaks them down into smaller and smaller pieces and this happens only out at sea. A perception is that plastic will degrade automatically just like all other organic material that is used for packaging, while plastic never biodegrades. Most of the world which is a contributor to production and consumption of plastic is unaware that plastic will not finish off on its own, it will require optimum conditions created by human beings to become unavailable. Dr Marcus explains that his research has only covered a teaspoon of plastic on the ocean floor since the trawl was trawling only a small surface area. The ocean covers 2/3rd of the earth and sieving through a small area also brought out results. The results are relevant in terms of the micro-organisms that inhabit the surface and the fishes that feed on the surface. These fishes are eventually foddered for bigger fishes which become human food. The plastic and its components affect humans through the food chain. In effect, we create our own problem. Most of the team agree that damage control is the solution rather than cleaning the sea.

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