Reflection on Reading Assignments

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Homework Help

Write an essay on Reflection on Reading Assignments. It needs to be at least 500 words.Privacy is also key. The professional should not disclose any information to anyone else apart from the client. Inviolacy is also key. There must be a good approach when sensitive information is discovered (p 48).There are structured and unstructured assessments. The former is organized while the latter is not. Unstructured assessments therefore are open to bias. They are also not as precise as structured assessments. The challenge with structured assessments is that they are not flexible and so might not result in sufficient information to recommend the best solutions to the client (p 77).Intelligence assessment is key to educational planning. The main reason is that the results are scientific and are therefore untainted by any personal biases. The first advantage of intelligence assessment with regard to educational planning is that is very accurate. It can as a result be used to predict likely future behavior. This is important so as to prepare remedies before a situation ambushes both the client and the professional.Another advantage of intelligence assessment is that it predicts academic achievement. This is key to success. If there is likely to be a flagging of performance then special interventions can be made to arrest the fall before it happens. Finally, intelligence assesse3ment provides us with a clear picture of the cognitive strengths and weaknesses of a particular student. This is necessary so as to enable the person take challenges that are targeted at improving their weak areas even as they perfect on their strengths (p 130).The proper administration of an assessment is critical for the right remedies. However, it is not easy to know the success, or lack of it, of assessment unless tests are carried out. The tests aim to find out to what extent the information gathered during the assessment is reliable. The tests tell the truth about the person’s abilities on different areas of learning. There are verbal tests for speech. There are

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