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Relationship status between public and private sector

Compose a 3000 words essay on Explain the current relationship status between the public and private sector. Include a discussion on the relationship between local law enforcement and private security departments. me, the police themselves have become much more open to the assistance of private security firms, and have even begun to go so far as to provide valuable assistance and to open up line of communication to aid in the crime prevention process. While there most likely still exists an ‘us against them’ mentality, the reality is that both security sectors are beginning to realize that they have the same core objective and can both mutually benefit one another by forming partnerships rather than barriers.As with any large and populated area, the United States is in need of security. Long ago it became obvious that government agencies, as skilled as they were, could not be in all places simultaneously, so without the assistance of private security firms many individuals and organizations simply would not feel adequately protected. For quite some time, there has been an effort on the part of government law enforcement agencies to liaison with such private companies to provide security functions to broader society, but some would question the sincerity of this movement. Most definitions of such liaison programs revolve the ability to effectively communicate amongst various parties. In the case of security interests, these parties would involve public law enforcement entities, private security firms, and various business organizations. To properly liaison, however, a mutual feeling of respect and trust must be established in order to facilitate the information sharing process, and such sharing should be consistent and cooperative in nature (Alimahomed, 2014). Unfortunately, this mutual spirit of cooperation is often lacking between public and private security agencies, causing a breakdown in communication that can serve to threaten the very safety of the individuals that the groups are designed to protect and defend.Throughout history, it seems that private security and respective public policing agencies has not always agreed to maintain a cordial and working

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