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Religious diversity

Write 4 pages thesis on the topic religious diversity. ancis being expected to give out his stand on the grounds on which the Catholic Church has on gays and homosexuality. his opinion in this case being the stand that the worldwide Catholic Church often bases their beliefs on. Pluralism in this case cannot be defined and accepted as judged based on religious grounds but rather of the community understating of Heaven and God.The issue at stake in the video is why and how the homosexual, which in this case is considered as sin, would be globally accepted and allowed to change by the society and religious community in general. First of all the pope has the mandate to ensure that he walks his words and lives whet he says. The Catholic Church has been dormant for over a decade with every notion by the Vatican being taken heavily amongst its faithful. Like in many reading, we see the pope choosing to judge not the homosexuals. This is expected of him, by the Catholic Church, the previous pope knew what was expected but responded to it as a new matter. that was at the time very heated to the global community. Currently, gays are marrying even in the Catholic Church. As the video claims, the church has over the past few years been subjected to critics that have over time affected the church and its beliefs. Presently , the gay concept would not only mean that the present pope would share opposing opinions if he disagreed with the previous one, but would also show how different the two men where and their contrasting variation would make for a better discussion topic something the church is not prepared to deal with. Pope Francis sought refuge in his teaching and as the Bible, which the Church keenly adheres to states, one should not judge another, for the same judgment would be incurred by him, the same measure he uses will also be laid upon him (Mathew, 7:1-2). As a virtuous man, Pope Francis sought to leave the ground settled by not evoking any suggestions and leniency pertaining to the topic.

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