Religious impact matrix

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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic religious impact matrix. According to Robinson, Sikhs believe God created the earth and universe, Jews reject evolution and have some idea of creation with Catholics. Islam has a belief in God that follows belief in his creation.Women’s rights in Hindu, Islam, Judaism are based on their beliefs and traditions on the subordination of men. Mormons think that if this is the law, it should be sustained, while Taoist maintains the attitude of harmony. Taoism does not struggle or strive (Religion Facts, 27 Jan. 2007) Others which are more western in attitude suggest re-thinking ethical practices of women’s rights in the Middle East. On this, Methodists based their belief on the covenant’s relationship of being one (The Methodist Church. 2011)Religious denominations have different views on the matter ( 30 January 2009) Atheist, Buddhist, Baptist, Hindu, Islam, and Sikh are all opposed to the use of the word god in the pledge of allegiance in the context of separation of church and state. that god is a connotation of religion in which they do not believe in. They want the word stricken out of the pledge because not all students in public schools are Christians and others have the right to their own beliefs. Christian denominations that include Catholic, Protestants, Methodists, Jehova’s Witnesses, and Judaism supports the mention of the word god as it is universally used in their religion, and the pledge is already a tradition. Again, Taoists proclaim their religious attitude. Inter-racial dating.&nbsp. There is no dissenting opinion on this matter and all denominations feel racial discriminations should be ended. A survey done by the Friendly Atheist (24 June 2011) group showed respondents saying that this should not be a matter of concern as it is good for the society.&nbsp. A small percent of disapproval came from the white Christian groups and 16% from black Protestants.

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