Report of planned intervention

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 1250 words assignment on report of planned intervention relating to equality issue: cultural diversity. Cultural Diversity as a term refers to various civilizations or human cultures in a specific country, region or the world (HM Government, 2011). In a workplace, cultural diversity can transform to become a people’s issue that focuses on the similarities and differences that people bring to the organization. In the workplace, cultural diversity is a challenge to almost all the current business organizations and from this aspect, it is a source of strength. Conducting international businesses in places with diverse cultures is a global challenge among all professionals. Technically, professionals are affected greatly by the cultural diversity since they get a direct chance to interact with many cultures and people whose beliefs and customs could be conflicting. For example, the culture of American Indians is different from that of African Americans In areas and departments like department of youth affairs, youth services center and other youth work institutions, cultural diversity has strong impacts for example, it may act as a source of conflicts or enrich the youth work experience by exposing both the youth worker and the youth to different cultures, beliefs and customers and promote harmony. Youth workers in the UK work with people from the different cultures because of the multicultural setting in the country and as such, they are likely to experience the major cultural diversity impact in their profession. The countries business culture is often mainly based on their own values. When divergent cultures mix or come close, the maximized chances between them can become controversies and this may end up as becoming ineffectual and unproductive work, which can directly affect their profession or business environment. (Batsleer, 2008:56). The textbook definition of cultural diversity is the cultural difference and cultural varieties that exist in the world, institutions or current society. According to Cox (1991), cultural diversity is the sum of the divergent ways in which people are viewed in terms of skin, racial inclination, culture, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, religion, personality and the divergent ways in which an individual affiliates with the society. This could also be a particular group that they blend and can identify with comfortably (Davies, 2011:24). Navaro, a tool developed to positively ensure the organizations ultimate success considers cultural diversity as an essential aspect of organizational success, for instance, in youth work institutions as long as it is used effectively. On the other hand, if it is taken for granted, it can destroy an organization across the board, for example by creating an attitude of inferiority-superiority or majority – minority (Mckee, 2011:10). Importance of the cultural diversity in the practice/organization LSI (2012) states “The different contexts in which youth work is practiced will have a bearing on how these NOS are applied. The relevant national, regional, local and political context, as well other applicable standards of performance or competence, should be taken into account when reading and applying the Youth Work NOS” (LSI, 2O12:2). This observation shows the value that cultural diversity has on youth work. Evidence on why cultural diversity is an important issue for this organization /practice in relation to youth work can be seen through the fact that Youth workers who work on the mobile youth venue identified that vast majority of the young people who regularly attend the mobile youth venue sessions come from non-Asian families. Then youth workers made an inquiry of their working area population proportion and found out that Asian families are well presented in that area (Taylor, 2003:45). Youth workers made a logical assumptions that if there were Asian origin young people in that area and they never attended the youth sessions, there might be discriminatory dynamics among young people from Asian and non-Asian origin, that blocks them to share the space.

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