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by | Sep 4, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a 8 page paper that discusses report paul johnson: history of christianity. When compared with Christianity that began less than two thousand years ago, the idea that Christianity is much young is supported. When one believes the standpoint in the New Testament that God’s plan lies in Christ for the whole creation, plus that God intends to converge as one, all things within Christ, both that are on earth and in Heaven, then Christianity turns again to be more recent (Paul, 1976). This is because the few centuries since the appearance of Christ are only infinitesimal portion of the total time that has passed since the planet, not to mention the whole earth, appeared (Paul, 1976). On the other hand, when human civilization is compared with Christianity, it is still young. Actually, civilization is said to have started about 12,000 ago, the final time of continental ice sheets retreat (Paul, 1976). This brings forward the notion that Christianity started its existence only a sixth or fifth of the precise civilized mankind’s span. Moreover, Christianity came into being lately in the mankind’s religious development. It might be something of the type that Paul meant when he announced that, “in the completeness of time God forwarded His son”. However, with the faiths that possessed a widespread and continue spreading geographically, Christianity is just subsequent to most recent to be born. Animism which seems to have many forms appears to have antedated the human civilization. On the other hand, polytheism which had so many followers is very old. Hinduism in its previous features antedates Christianity with more than one thousand years. Judaism, which sprang Christianity, is the oldest of the latter (Paul, 1976). Christianity came into being in the middle of the time when the chief mankind’s religions were coming into existence. Majority of those faiths were born in the 13th centuries between 650 B.C – A.D 650. The ones that survived Hinduism and Judaism started ahead of 650 B.C. At that moment, a religious ferment existed among civilized human beings that within a certain comparatively precise span brought many of the major sophisticated religions that have since formed the humanity (Paul, 1976). That took place but with small interactions of one another. The only exceptions are Islam and Christianity. The two were heavily Judaism indebted and Islam was being influenced by Christianity and Judaism. The Christianity youth being very important might also mean that it would be transient. The other chief religions have woken up, prospered, reached their top, and later plunged into a slow reduction or have altogether turned stationary (Paul, 1976). For instance, Hinduism has declined its extension today in comparison to 1500 years that have passed. Similarly, Buddhism has also not registered imperative benefits for the last five centuries. On the negative side, it has only gained several losses. On the one hand, Confucianism has also not gained a big geographical spread from the time it moved to Korea, Japan and Annam for the several centuries that have passed and is now splitting up (Paul, 1976). Islam has not suffered considerable territory surrender since the change of Iberian Peninsula into Christianity. That process was finished in about four centuries that have passed and in the current century has extended its boundaries forth in a number of areas, known as African South of Sahara.

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