Representation of Latinos s in U.S media

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Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Representation Of Latinos In The U.S. Media. ASSIGNMENT 4: MEASUREMENT EXERCISE Choose two concepts from your problem ment The problem ment for the research was: The willful perversion of facts relating to the representation of Latinos in the U.S. media leads to the degradation of a particular section of the society.The two basic concepts chosen are:i. Stereotyping of Latinos in the U.S. media andii. Degradation of youth’s self image 2. Provide formal definitions for those conceptsThe definitions for the two concepts chosen are mentioned hereunder:Media Stereotyping:For the purpose of this research, the term media stereotyping refers to the deliberate repetitive and fictitious representation of Latinos in the U.S. mass mediaDegradation of self image:The term degradation refers to adulteration or debasement of the self perception of Latinos.Latinos:The term Latinos here refers to individuals of Hispanic or Latino descent and includes those who have migrated or settled in the U.S or are citizens by birth. 3. Specify a variable corresponding to each conceptSr.NoConceptVariable1.Stereotyping of Latinos in the U.S. mediamass media2.Degradation of Latinos self imageSelf ImageThe variable ‘mass media’ is an independent variable while ‘self image’ is a dependent variable.4. Describe a way to measure each variable. Be sure to state the measurement level resulting from the procedure.In order to provide accurate insights into the exact relationship sought to be analyzed between the two variables mentioned in the previous section, i.e., the alleged relationship between portrayal of Latinos in the mass media and its resultant impact on the self image of the Latinos, it is essential to conduct appropriate studies and collect conclusive evidence to support the claims made. The data required for both the variables would be nominal data since the variables are qualitative in nature. In order to measure each variable accurately and to the utmost precision, data would be collected through an experimental design which may include questionnaires, surveys and personal interviews from a wide range of participants (not necessarily Latinos). In order to test the validity of the hypothesis concerning perceptions and opinions of the sample population regarding mass media, pilot tests can be conducted to assess and measure the degree and extent of exposure of youth to electronic communication networks, popular television programs which has mass appeal, are likely to be viewed by a majority audience and which specifically caters to the youth. The impact of such exposure on youth can be measured through mediated assessments of the target audience. The data collected can be further segregated for proving other hypothesis for instance sample collected from N=250 respondents can be further categorized into N=139 whereby data from participants belonging to Hispanic or non Hispanic backgrounds can be filtered to arrive at more accurate predictions. Since both the variables are qualitative in nature the level of measurement resulting from the above mentioned procedure would be nominal in nature.5. Describe what procedures you would use to provide evidence of the validity and reliability of the variables.The research may contain certain limitations which pose a genuine challenge to the reliability and validity of the variables used such as unsupported claims, misjudgments about the theories that support the research hypothesis, or mere serendipity about the existence or occurrence of certain events or facts. To ensure credibility of the variables used in qualitative research, it is essential to confirm that the source from which the data is collected is trustworthy and reliable. Besides the methods applied for research should ensure maximum transparency in order to derive fair and reliable outcomes. Thus a triangulation methodology is used in this research since it has the ability to control and eliminate biases and also the conventional methods of research have more or less incompatible in providing valid propositions. The research can be conducted in a controlled setting so that the variables could be prevented from being affected alternatively investigations can be launched to ensure that the validity of the variables is unaffected. Moreover it is often observed that in this type of psychological research an attempt is being made to establish relationship between the two variables which are predefined such as race or ethnicity etc, there is hardly any room for the researcher to manipulate the variables and hence they can be presumed to be reliable and valid.

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