Requirements for a Web-based EMR

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

An EMR provides a legible, organized method of recording and  retrieving a patient’s medical information. Though natural prose is an  easy way for care providers to express their observations and thoughts,  it does not lend itself to being easily transferable. It can be  unstructured and susceptible to misinterpretation and can be a difficult  form for extracting the key pieces of information that may be needed. A  better way to manage information is within a structured format. Using  forms and their respective reporting/analytical applications is the  foundation of an electronic medical record (EMR.)Explore the supplemental video, Data, Information, Knowledge and the EMR. Search the Internet for information on what an EMR looks like, as can be found at Electronic Medical Record Screenshots. In this Group Project, you will: Design a simple EMR by creating a form to enter patient data within a spreadsheet or database. In 3–4 paragraphs written in APA style, explain: The requirements for unique and secure login functions for a Web-based EMR.

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