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Submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Response Paper.war forced her and her mother to live a desperate life. in a refugee camp in Pakistan and later in a foreign land Chicago, Illinois- America a place where everything was new and different from what they were used to. Thirdly, the war took away Farah’s personal friends and more so her family members. Her dad and other siblings had perished in the war. Her cousins, uncles’, aunts and even her grandmother were no longer alive. The only member of family she was left with was her mother. Farah had to live the rest of her life wishing that the war never erupted. She felt broken after being separated from her family and the only thing left was endless dreams and vivid imaginations of how the life would have been with her father and her brothers and sisters.Life in America was far much different from the life Farah and her mother had in Kabul- Afghanistan. In spite of their peace and safety, a good house and good foods, Farah and her mother still struggled to adapt to the American lifestyle. Everything had suddenly become new and they had to learn from scratch and through the hard way. This was a bit challenging since Farah and her mother spoke very little English. The issue of language difference was quite a challenge to Farah and her mother and in different situations Alyce a friend Farah had met while in the camp regularly chipped in to help them out. Alyce had readily helped Farah and her mother navigate through the medical system before she was sent to Germany (Ahmedi & Ansary, 2005). Of course, in Kabul there never used to be carnival rides. At first Farah thought that the other girls were screaming out of fear of falling from the ride. She without hesitation found herself screaming out loudly when the machine emitted sparks which was a part of the entire carnival ride game (Ahmedi & Ansary, 2005). Her mother on the other hand spent a lot of time in the house following her illness. She was really depressed and she had not met any new friends in Illinois. This

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