Retail loss prevention

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Retail loss prevention While the article highlights partnerships and advocacy as well as federal legislation as the best methods of curbing ORC, I perceive increasing visibility on merchandise and employees involvement to be the best ways of curbing the disgraceful act. The staff should be in a position to keep an eye on every stock as n uncomplicated and less costly way of preventing the occurrence of ORC. Employees should also be fully exposed to the company¬ís policies regarding theft and stern warnings and possibly dismissal is given to those caught participating in the practice (Greggo, Alan & Millie, 127). Noteworthy, Greggo, Alan, and Millie attribute the continual increase in ORC to the lessened interests to work, high unemployment and the need for individuals to uphold cozy lifestyles despite the prevailing economic hardships (p. 132). Securing credit card data has also become extremely and with the increased cybercrime, it will be challenging to handle ORC (Hedgie, N.p). The article by the National Retail Federation informs how important law enforcing agencies are in preventing retail losses. Works CitedGreggo, Alan, and Millie Kresevich.&nbsp.Retail Security and Loss Prevention Solutions. Boca Raton: Taylor & Francis,&nbsp.2011. Print.Hedgie Bartol. “Loss Prevention.”&nbsp.Integrated Solutions For Retailers, POS Software, POS Hardware, Retail Software. N.p.,&nbsp.2014. Web. 24&nbsp.Apr.&nbsp.2015. &lt. Retail Federation. Organized Retail Crime Survey. NRF 2013. Print. Retrieved from www.lpinformation.

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