Return prenatal visit

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Write a 1 page essay on Return prenatal visit.In the above case study, the general well-being of the fetus can be assessed by getting its heart rate and respiratory rate and know if it is in distress or not. Ultrasound is a very important tool in diagnosing various conditions in obstetrics (Cameron & Moran, 2009).In relation to the case study provided the fundal height was found midway between the umbilicus andpubis symphysis which should be under the umbilicus based on LMP. However, various factors impact the correct interpretation of MSAFP results. These include: gestational age, maternal weight, ethnicity, maternal diabetes mellitus, fetal viability, exclusion of other anomalies, and multiple pregnancy (Cameron & Moran, 2009). Normally, AFP is produced by the york sac, gastrointestinal system and the liver in a fetus (Androutsopoulos, Gkogkos & Decavalas, 2013). Any increase in its level is always indicative of a problem in that area. (Androutsopoulos, Gkogkos & Decavalas, 2013) In the results provided in the case study, the doctor should conduct further tests based on abnormal findings from the fundal height examination and the AFP (Androutsopoulos, Gkogkos & Decavalas, 2013).Androutsopoulos, G., Gkogkos, P., & Decavalas, G. (2013). Mid-trimester maternal serum hCG and alpha fetal protein levels: Clinical significance and prediction of adverse pregnancy outcome. International Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, 11(2),

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