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Review on the Black Balloon

Write a 11 page essay on The review on The Black Balloon.For the purpose of this case study, related health and developmental issues particularly the psychological impact that Thomas is currently facing will be tackled in details. When we talk about developmental issues, we are not simply referring to the cognitive impact of having an autistic brother but also its psychological, social, cultural and physical impact.Thomas is 15-year old. As an adolescent, all Thomas ever wanted is to have a normal life. However, having an autistic brother makes it difficult for him to enjoy his adolescent life. In fact, it is understandable for Thomas to face a lot of emotional and psychological challenges not only with his desire to be accepted in school but also due to his limited knowledge about his brother’s health and mental condition. Using relevant psychological theories, this study will discuss how having a brother who is autistic including the idea of having another baby brother could significantly affect the psychological development of Thomas. Aside from discussing whether or not Thomas was able to adjust with the life of having an autistic brother, this study will also discuss some implications to practices that each of our Health Professionals should understand for them to effectively provide appropriate strategies on how they could assist Thomas in dealing with the psychological and developmental impact of having an autistic brother.

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