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1 One license I want to touch on is the “right-to-use” license. This can be extremely beneficial when organizations are exploring and trying to determine the right fit. In this day in time, when there are so many products, evaluating is essential. Additionally, a timely evaluation can make all the differences in the world. All, imagine you are test driving the latest Cisco router for your organization. You know you have 60 days to complete the evaluation. What are some key things you should do and/or look into before the evaluation ends?2. This chapter discusses Network Time Protocol (NTP). As a network professional you will find that successful network management requires a common time source that is synchronized among all devices. NTP is the key to that mission and operates on UDP port 123. It gets its time from an authoritative source then disperses across the network. When we think about the capabilities of NTP as a protocol, we can see how it provides efficiency to a network. Additionally, it aids in troubleshooting and gathering statistics on network performance.Class, we understand that NTP requires an authoritative source. What would be your recommendation as the source for your organization? Should they use an internal server or a public NTP server?Each Answer must be a minimum of 130 words.  Citing Wikipedia is not permitted and anything cited must be a scholarly source.  Do not submit answers that have been previously used on this or any other site.

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