Risk management in health care

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Homework Help

Argumentative essay on Risk management in Health Care. Needs to be 4 pages. Examples of adverse instances in healthcare are failure to diagnose or treat a disease, unexpected death, surgical error or accidents (Robert, 2009). In order to avoid risks, doctors and nurses must identify and measure a potential cause for adverse outcomes. They then design and implement plans in order to avoid or minimize loss and damage. This research paper is about measures that hospitals must take to manage risks in the healthcare sector.The managers establish this model to increase security and privacy of a patient while undergoing treatment. For this system to be successful, the IT department of healthcare must develop and implement a cost-effective company safety programs that conform to other appropriate regulations. This module provides detailed recommendations on how to deal with detected risks or gaps within the scope that the organization defines (Olaf and Wolfgang, 2009). This module maps frameworks that the use HIPAA accepts managing of risks in the healthcare sector and thus develops technical and management reports.According to Bill, et al. (2007), Annica Ohrn a healthcare pioneer came up with strategies to enhance risk management in Sweden. Under her administration, she emphasized that patients get the required safety in order to minimize risks. With root analysis, they started to understand the similarities between management of risks and data they got from other analysis. They sparked real actions by documenting adverse happenings instead of assuming why things happened. The administration came up with a mechanism that makes it harder for workers to commit errors as compared to the older one that was inefficient. Bill, et al (2007) cites that according to Annica Ohrn, they have brainwashed their workers to be aware of patient safety and hence make appropriate reports with regard to patient situations. They continually ask the managers to provide with them risk analysis reports to know where to make improvements. After getting

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