Risk Mitigation Plan

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Group PowerPoint Presentation of the Residency Assignment 1 & Group Presentation and Outline (Word Format) of (You should complete the outline/research paper first): a. This assignment is going to consist of a Word document and a PowerPoint presentation. Your team or group is going to be tasked with the following: (minimum 1 page APA formatted page for each item). These are required questions underneath each object, please add as much relevant information to tell the story. i. Project Part 1 Task 3: Risk Mitigation Plan 1. What is a risk mitigation plan? 2. What information do you need to create a risk mitigation plan? ii. Project Part 2 Task 1: Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Plan 1. What is a Business Impact Analysis Plan 2. What information do you need to create a Business Impact Analysis Plan? What are the primary elements needed? iii. Project Part 2 Task 2: Business Continuity Plan (BCP) 1. What is a : Business Continuity Plan (BCP) 2. What information do you need to create a : Business Continuity Plan (BCP)? iv. Project Part 2 Task 3: Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) 1. What is a : Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)? 2. What information do you need to create a : Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)? 3. What is the purpose of a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)? v. Project Part 2 Task 4: Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) Plan 1. What is a: Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) Plan? 2. What information do you need to create a : Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) Plan? b. You need to outline and answer all these questions using the course text and any library or internet materials. Please make sure that all of your references are cited in the document and that you have included a title and reference page. Use as many pages as necessary to create a competent and informative paper. c. The end result is a Word Document and a PowerPoint presentation that you will give on Sunday. The presentation should be for a general academic audience and it should not be a copy of everything in the Word document, you need to summarize and give a competent presentation.

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