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Create a 6 page paper that discusses ritzer and weber, marx and bellamy foster, etzioni and durkheim and sociological theory. Lastly, I would present a personal opinion on which theory deals with a certain problem of classical sociology better.John Bellamy Foster is one of the contemporary theorists who believe in some of the ideologies of Karl Marx. Using the traditional theories of Karl Marx, Foster tries to deal with the contemporary issues that are faced under sociology, especially related to the notion of ecology. By Foster (2000), the use of Marx’s ideologies related to the concept of ecology is not something that proves to be a courtesy to the past. Rather, for him, these ideologies prove to be an integral part of dealing with the issues that are faced currently.Most of the theories of Karl Marx were based, as Wood (2004) relates, on the concept that the class divides between the people would ultimately lead to a revolution. For Marx, according to Twigg (2006), the reason for the class divides among people was just the presence of a market-based economy. He believed that capitalism would ultimately end one day, because of the crisis, and would pave the way for socialism. It seems that Foster also shares some of the views of Karl Marx.Furthermore, Foster (2002) states that Marx lived in an era where feudalism was being changed to capitalism therefore he was able to observe the changes that had happened personally, unlike the contemporary theorists. It is this fact that has compelled Foster to work on the ideologies of Marx, as he (2002) relates. Foster (2002) also argues that the questions that were raised by Marx in that time ‘about capitalist society and even about the relationship between society and nature were often more fundamental than what characterizes social and ecological thought, even on the left, today.’For Foster the technology may have changed and the present times may be very different from those of the past yet the problem of the global crisis is the same, and in his words, it is the ‘capitalisms antagonistic relation to the environment.’&nbsp.

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