Role and decision-making system of the EU

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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic impact of the single market program on the regulatory role and decision-making system of the eu. The residents of the various countries could move to other countries without the problems of documentation and the governments of the various countries did not charge customs and taxes in the borders. This helped in the rise of trade and commerce in the region. (The history of the European Union, n.d.. The EU internal market, n.d.)The EU has been responsible for the development of the continent economically and socially. At present the EU comprises 27 countries and there are more countries to be added in the anvil. The construction of the EU has benefited the business and the residents alike. The construction of the single market has enabled the prosperity of the people of the continent. In 2006, the EU enabled the growth of Euro 240 billion. The goods are cheaper with the abolition of the taxes and the duties and there are wide choices for the customers. There are more jobs and the businesses in the area benefited from the abolition of the complex rules and regulations of the individual countries. It is much easier now to do business and the customers get the real value for money. There have been several benefits to the construction of the EU. However, the benefits of the EU have been a result of the vision of the policymakers for the last 50 years. The construction of the EU gave rise to the need for a coherent regulatory and decision-making system. (EU single market-benefits, 16th November 2007. How the EU single market benefits you, n.d.)The modern system of the EU is based on the emergence of the EU as one of the hotbeds of economic growth in the global world. The economic and financial growth of the region meant that there was a need for a system to look after the regulatory and the decision-making process. The modern system of the EU stands on the five bodies created to form the Commission’s treaties. (The institutions and bodies of European Union, n.d.) They are as follows:The CA examines the financial records of the businesses and the trading activities within the area.

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