Role of Confucianism in ancient China and Japan

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 6 page essay on Compare the role of Confucianism in ancient China and Japan. How did Confucianism affect the lives of people and what contributions did this religion make to cultures of the countries and what ways did they influence the native religions.This was a hierarchal system, where the ruling class had absolute power over the working class and husbands had complete control over their wives. This was done so that people would not get out of line in society and, therefore, the world would become a much easier place in which to live. Confucianism is based on these ideals and it eventually became a religion of sorts for people throughout China.These ideologies also spread to Japan, which was a very young country at this point. While the teachings of Confucius were very important to China, because they brought about change in the country, they were more important in ancient Japan because they were one of the starting points of morality in the country and many of these ideals are still present in the country to this very day.In China, Confucius is still regarded has an important historical figure because of his teachings. Even though he died over 2500 years ago, he is still remembered for the impact that he had in China over the course of his life and his teachings are still highly regarded to this day. The teachings of Confucius became a religion in China and affected the people heavily because of what they said about how people should live their lives. These teachings even changed the way that religion was thought of in China, as Confucius believed that rituals brought upon wastefulness and that this was not a virtue that people should hold. He wanted people to return to how they had been in the past, when people chose to focus on those that are living, rather than deceased ancestors. This is because many of his teachings were based on the idea that human beings are social creatures that need interaction with one another in order to be healthy. He also pointed out that relationships between people were very important and said that everyone should have these relationships in order to develop as a human being. This had

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