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Role of rhetoric in public relations practice

Create a 10 page essay paper that discusses What is the role of rhetoric in public relations practice and how does it relate to the management of an organisations reputation You should illustrate your answer with real and/or hypothetical examples.This is because any organization will need to protect its reputation in order to survive and grow, especially in the long run. Some have separate departments or staff to manage this function while other employees usually engage in other day to day activities like marketing. Thus, the process of public relations does happen in some form or the other in all organizations as well as in the case of individuals especially if he or she is frequently seen in the public eye.There are many ways and methods by which public relations activity is conducted. Press conferences, meetings, press releases, individual meetings, mass distribution of material and information are some of the most common ways. Organizations and individuals also innovate in bringing out new ways to keep good relations with the public. But all this requires good communication which should be noticed by the intended audience. Rhetoric, the art of using language is commonly used in communication, and hence is a powerful tool used in public relations exercise also. This paper connects three essential concepts in the running of organizations namely public relations, rhetoric, and management of reputation. In the process, the paper examines the role of rhetoric in public relations and how it can be employed as a powerful tool in managing the reputation of an organization. In the process, the paper will examine each of these three concepts individually after which it will be brought together to arrive at a conclusion.As the name suggests, public relations commonly refers to maintaining good relations with the public. The size and scope of PR will vary widely and will depend on the size and nature of the organization (or individual). For a government, the audience (or public) will be the whole citizenry of the country. It can also be certain groups, classes or race with whom good relationship needs to be maintained. For a corporation, the public comprises of all its stakeholders and the general

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