Routers, firewalls and switches secure

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

In order to keep your routers, firewalls, and switches secure, they need good passwords. Type 5 Cisco password hashes use a technique called salting. Discuss password hashes and ‘salting’, and discuss password cracking tools or websites that can be used to crack¬†Cisco password hashes. Some of the most popular tools¬†are John the Ripper and hashcat, which are both already included in the Kali Linux distribution. The Windows tool Cain can also crack Cisco passwords. Here are a list of some password hashes. You may elect to crack some of them and explain how you did it for part of this discussion.$1$mERr$hx5rVt7rPNoS4wqbXKX7m0$1$mERr$YQ646Kf5TOWpGsAlzF3y00$1$mERr$CjvwLMsKfKkwyS5Ym6rig1$1$mERr$nUTKlOqm6NHuFqY18TUav0$1$mERr$V3AzF/pAhvRvjIsUimrC8.

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