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Rudy Acuna

Write a 2 page essay on Rudy Acuna.The major Mexican migration into America occurred between 1890 and 1914. 100,000 Mexicans lived in the United States by 1900. This was attributed to U.S business policies encouraging the immigration of millions to the country. The rise of capitalism in Mexico also created push for Mexicans to shift to the U.S. However, their population shot to 1.5 million by 1930. The major push concept during this period was the start of the Mexican Revolution in 1910. On the other hand, America offered better wages to its labor force. Hence this became the pull for most Mexicans since most wanted better paying jobs in America. The war in Mexico created terrible living conditions therefore. Mexicans resulted to Migration to America. The push and pull concept during this time and in this situation is evident. In his book, occupied America, Rudy explains a push and pull concept during the rule of Diaz in Mexico. He explains the dominance of foreign powers in the Mexican economy. The dominance of America in the mining and agriculture pulled all the natural resources and raw materials from Mexico. This pushed Mexican citizens to an economic strain and poverty. This is majorly because they were unable to compete with the foreign monopolies supported by their government. The Mexican population also increased greatly flooding the labor market. Foreigners pulled all the capital and resources from Mexico plunging the country to economic chaos.

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