Rules of implication and replacement

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Homework Help

Use the conditional proof method and/or indirect proof method? Example question attached as welAttachment 1Attachment 2200%TivCoViewZoomAdd PageInsertTableChartTextShapeMediaCommentCollaborateFormat DocumentPART 2.2: For questions 6 – 10, in additional to the 18 rules of implication and replacement, use the conditional proofmethod and/or indirect proof method to prove arguments valid. Make sure to number and label your steps with thecorrect rule abbreviations. If I cannot understand or follow your proof, you will not receive full credit. If you do not use aconditional or indirect proof, you will not receive full credit. (10 points each. 40 points total)Note: I’ve formatted the proofs for you based on the given premises. You may use as many steps as you need to completethe proof.Sample question:[PD (Q . P)] OR.. RSample Answer1. [PD (Q D P)] DRRACP|2. P2, ADD13. Pv ~Q3, COM14. ~Q v P4, MI15. Q DP2-5, CP6. PD (Q D P)1,6 MP7. R* Hint: To indent for a conditional / indirect proof, hit the space bar 3 or 4 times and then set a vertical line. You can makethe vertical line "| " by holding the "shift" key and hitting the "backslash" key " "at the same time. Or simply copy-pastemine.*** I’ve formatted the proofs for you – you simply need to fill in your work. However, you may need to use more orless than 10 steps…

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