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Saint Augustines Confessions and Confuciuss Analects

Argumentative essay on Comparing selections of Saint Augustines Confessions and Confuciuss Analects. Needs to be 3 pages. al unit and Confucius has much to say in connection to the treatment of the family, and the relationship of one to another and also to the members of the household. Thus, it is evident that very few men can love and at the same time know the negative side of the one they love (Confucius et al 3).To omit respect is equal omitting affection. In addition, without love, union cannot coexist. ‘without respect then love would be ignored (Bk. xxiv, 9.). In short, the paradox of laxity indulgence is presented as the course of a man who is better in respect to his family. Confucius believed that a good relationship in the family was important in reforming the society and thus at the long run the government is reformed. One disciple of Confucius said. “few people are filial and dutiful toward parents and their elder brothers. In many instances, they oppose their superiors thus creating a civil order. A good man is concerned with the cause and when the root is firm, the way grows. Fraternal duty and filial piety are surely the root of humaneness (Confucius et al 4).Augustine during his youthful age, he was living with his parents. He further explains how his parents dealt with him since they wanted him to become famous. As a result, his life was sinful from point in time he was of tender age and became restless with unclean thoughts. At this age, he presents the ills of the society that made him develop idleness.He was convicted that if people can perform the roles in the family in a proper way, then they would be able to discharge their roles in the society (4:20, Analects). Confucius said that a filial piety involved respect for, obedience, and loyalty to ones parents. A filial man would not go against the will of the father especially in terms of behavioral characteristics and occupation even when the father is long gone. You observe the intention of a man when his father is still alive and observe his action when the father is dead. Both observations are

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