Sales managment

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Sales managment. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Progeon- the subsidiary of Infosys works with international clients spread across the globe and as such, it handles diverse languages, behaviors, expectations and demands (Charlotte 2005). Though it has carved a niche in the call centre market by its innovative training and development programs, yet dynamic forces surrounding globalization and ever changing customer demands place hurdles every now and then.Cultural mismatches have lately become commonplace as companies are intending towards mergers, acquisitions and partnerships with global clients. The industry in which Progeon operates is truly global in the sense that it provides voice and data job services to multinationals by addressing the calls of the clients located worldwide. Thus, global in context of Progeon refer to a 360 degree view of the entire globe.Keeping this fact in mind, it is imperative that Progeon well-trained staff, even after rigorous training is still exposed to cultural issues. Snapshot of those issues with their reason and probable solutions are detailed below:Every person has his own standards of understanding and believing what is wrong and what is right, based on the culture in which he is brought up. The degree of fairness in behavior, dealings and communication also rests on this basic premise of ethical standards. Though the staff at Progeon is imparted training of accent and language, yet they do not operate in the local culture of the customer to which they talk or address the call to.Thus, there remain chances of breach of fairness and violation of ethical standards from both sides and there is no yardstick to measure who has done what and to what extent. This defies the fundamental principle of sales management which starts with rapport and confidence building.As stated above, sales management bears fruits when exercised in the local settings of

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