Same sex couples adoting children

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 10 page essay on the topic Same sex couples adoting children.Same sex couples are denied adoption of children on the assumption that children suffer in the process. Stability of homosexual relationships, suitability as parents, the ability of the children of same sex to cope with the family environment, the same parental anxieties and responsibilities experienced by the same sex parents are reasons enough to allow adoption by the same sex couples.According to Buxton and Warner adoption allows children whose parents cannot care for them to be placed within a family environment. It is a legal process by which the connection between the biological parents and the child is severed and new ties are formed between the child and the adoptive parents. Thus the legal rights are handed over to the adoptive parents and hence the welfare of the adopted child is of great importance to any state. The state has a right to determine if the adopted child is under the right care and is being given a healthy development environment. Initially women that could not conceive would go in for adoption but now with the same sex parents, adoption is becoming commonplace. Same sex parenting through adoption is taking place in countries like United States, Australia, Europe and Canada. The basis of decision in allowing adoptions is no more restricted to sexual orientation and marital status. Emotional security, stability and serving in the best interest of the child govern the decision for allowing adoption of a child. Sexual orientation does not negatively impact the quality of parenting. There is ample empirical evidence to support the view that same sex parents are as successful in parenting as the heterosexual parents. Buxton and Warner find that no differences have been found in children from the two types of families in self-esteem, psychological development and peer-relationships. There is no evidence to suggest that adult children of same sex parents identify themselves as gay or lesbians.The desire for

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