Sampling and Measurement

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Write a 1 page essay on Sampling and Measurement.Data analysis and measurement was done properly and the right inferences made. The only weakness to this study was the sample size, which was not a credible representation of the population and could bias the report.The article “A National Study of Efficiency for Dialysis Centers” used the right sample sources by getting dialysis reports by freestanding facilities submitted to the HCFA (Health Care Financing Administration) and the IRFCRD file (Ozgen & A Ozcan, 2002). The Area Resources File also provided credible information with regard to characteristics of the population. The study sample was also sufficient having been a good representation in terms of percentage at ninety four percent of the population. On the part of measurement, there was a possible point of weakness in the number of procedures undertaken to assess the sample which could amount to duplicated effort from one stage to another. There was also the issue of homogeneity in the types of dialysis modalities by incorporating them into a common output category. This would raise the level of inaccuracy or deviation.The weakness in the first study could be addressed through increasing the sample size adequately to represent the population (Krejcie & Morgan, 2000). In the second study, there should be limited number of methods to assess the sample and derive conclusions to avoid duplication of effort and the various types and sources of dialysis should be handled separately to give a clear outcome for each.Ozgen, H. & A Ozcan, Y. (2002). A national study of efficiency for dialysis centers: an examination of market competition and facility characteristics for production of multiple dialysis outputs. Health Services Research, 37 (3), pp.

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