Sampling and production

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on sampling and production. Why India, Turkey, and China for Sampling and Production of Fabrics Leather industry is a well-developed industry in the Indian economy. Its potential for employment, exports, and expansion is massive. Over the decades, more and more emphasis has been placed on the planning of its development so that the returns especially from exports can be maximized by making optimum use of the raw materials.

Over the past two decades, exports of leather in raw form as well as the products made of leather have attained momentum in India as growth in exports has increased from being Rs. 320 million in the year from 1965 to 1966 to reaching Rs. 69558 million in the year between 1996 and 1997 (Priyadharshini 2012). Today, Indian leather industry is recognized in the international markets which has led to it being ranked in India’s one of the top seven earning industries of foreign exchange (Priyadharshini 2012). India is suitable as a destination for the sampling and production of leather garments because leather industry in India has seen a massive transformation and development since the sixties. Today, it not only exports raw materials, but also exports value added finished products. More importantly, the liberalized trade and economic policies combined with the globalization of Indian economy make its leather industry poised for more growth and expansion in the future and increased share in the global trade.

Leather industry is also flourishing in Turkey, which makes it a suitable country to sample and export leather products from. SF Leather is a potential leather sampler and producer based in Izmir, Turkey’s free trade zone. Specialized in leather handbags’ production, SF Leather is quite popular among the clients as an alternative exporter of leather products to East Asia primarily because of the efficiency of its delivery and more competitive prices than what are charged by vendors in Eastern Europe (SF Leather n.d.).

Another major company that qualifies for consideration is Moda Sourcing Solutions based in Istanbul, Turkey ( 2014). China has been chosen as the country for sampling and production of all other fabrics because Chinese exports of fabrics is reaching new height in the contemporary international markets. Places like Hangzhou have plentiful small garment makers that produce anywhere between 20,000 and 30,000 suits every year (Brown et al 2005, p. 81).

A very noticeable and appreciable aspect of Chinese trade is that the country is capable of producing all varieties of fabrics customized to the needs of its customers. Thus, we find some of the most refined, durable, exquisitely stylish, and aesthetically appealing designs that sell for a high rate alongside the daily wearable regular fabrics which are sampled and produced in a large quantity by China and sell at extremely reasonable rates. The range of variety produced by China is very large.

Allsaints brand seeks the services of Sample King as a manufacturing facility of samples based in Shenzhen China. Its strategic location at the Hong Kong border facilitates fabrics’ easy movement in and out of China as it takes only half an hour from the sea and airports of Hong Kong enable quick access to the busiest transport routes’ network of the world (Linkedin 2015).

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