Schindler’s list

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 1750 words essay on Schindler’s List. This essay focuses on the use of expression within the film, that is one which is able to create a specific response by using various techniques. It is the use of cinematic effects that allows the film to have specific meaning and to create a relationship to the spectator. When reviewing “Schindler’s List,” it can be seen that the specific techniques in the movie make a difference in the impact that is felt with the horrors of the Holocaust. The ability for the director to adapt the film from the book to the screen is reliant on these techniques to convey the same message as the book. Instead of using the literature as a direct statement on film, there are interpretations of the descriptions of the literature, specifically to create the same impact that is on the film that is in the book and which relates to the Holocaust. The similarities between these two come from the main goal of creating a memory of the Holocaust while presenting an emotional understanding of the tragedies which occurred and how this was associated with the main ideologies of the time frame. However, the book is able to present the information with details, layout of characters and scenes, and with personal associations and details that are described. In the movie, there is a shorter period of time, which leads to cuts and changes of the plot and the characters. While both are effectively able to show the tragedies of the Holocaust, the movie and text differ in the techniques which are used and the overall presentation which is created through the war.

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