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Scholarship on what entrepreneurship means to Me

Write a 1 page essay on Scholarship on What Entrepreneurship Means to Me.I have been a direct witness to living and sharing my life with an entrepreneur, my father, who was one of the best entrepreneurs I have ever personally known. In 1970, my father ventured into a restaurant business at the south side of Chicago and the business became the source of our family’s income. My mother and I was appropriately supported and provided a very good life for the 30 long years that the business has been in existence. It was eventually sold when my father retired. The lessons learned from his entrepreneurial experience provided the impetus for my decision to pursue higher education majoring in finance. Currently, my cumulative GPA is 3.68 which make me eligible to apply in the scholarship program. Likewise, as scholarships are offered for the purpose of providing financial assistance to deserving students, I strongly believe that my commitment and dedication to academic excellence qualifies me to avail of this. My previous work experience as a factory worker for a local food manufacturer for 9 years enhanced my work ethics and provided the discipline needed to complete my course. I plan on eventually pursue an MBA degree to gain greater depth in knowledge and hone entrepreneurial skills. As I am focusing on my studies full time, I currently have no income other than financial aid and scholarship money, previously awarded to me through the same scholarship program last semester. I hereby humbly re-apply and would be most honored to be a recipient this

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