Sectors in tourism

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Write a 10 page essay on Sectors in tourism.Barriers to trade and entry relating to the specific region and industry would also be evaluated in the paper to help in generation of effective inferences.Likewise any other industry, tourism industry is also divided into various segments. The segmentation allows the industry to specifically target certain groups and cater to their needs by offering them with their requirements. The Tourism Industry is essentially divided into eight different sectors that can be listed as follows.Accommodation: The accommodation sector in the tourism industry of Canada reflects considerable growth thereby generating greater opportunities for potential investments to be made in the development of hotels and lodges. Estimates reflect that from 2012 to the current period the sector reflects increased contribution to the GDP of Canada and also helps in generating potential employment (Yokon Government , 2013).Adventure and Recreation: The scenic beauty of the tourism spots is observed to largely attract growing number of tourists from foreign countries and other locations. Moreover, the growth of adventure minded tourists also helps in generating needed revenue for this sector.Attractions: This tourism sector is developed based on the existence of heritage sites and also places of national and religious interest that helps in attracting large number of tourists to the regions.Events and Conferences: The emergence of business or corporate tourism accounts for the growth of potentials revenues for the different regions. This accounts for the development of trade and conference centers helping in the holding of key trade events and meetings.Food and Beverage: The growth of the flow of tourists to the different region is observed to contribute in the growth of food and beverage industry in the regions. This sector is observed to generate both potential employment and revenues relating to the different tourism regions.Tourism

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