Self-concept and identity

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 8 pages thesis on the topic self-concept and identity. It is easy to tell how a person who drives a BMW or a Mercedes Benz vehicle leads his life, especially in the social circles. He may possibly be the type of people who visit high-class hotels and holiday sites as opposed to a person who drives a Toyota pick up or a less expensive vehicle.&nbsp. Self-concept and identity as discussed herein is the perception that an individual may have on himself, based on the environment within which he or she lives in as well as activities that he may participate in (Crocker, 2000). Most people do not realize their true self unless they are described by others and as such, discovering one’s character is a great achievement since it can help you in saving as well as planning on expenditure thereby avoiding unnecessary embarrassment that may result from financial misappropriations for example through impulse buying (Chisnall, 1994). For example, there are people who have little knowledge of how to plan their budget based on the fact that they are always not aware of what they like or what they don’t like. As such, they just leave their houses with cash or credit cards to the market and buy anything that interests their eyes in the display may be in the supermarkets or in-car bazaars. Based on what you buy, it is easy to place yourself in a certain category which according to self-identity should be a characteristic that is a result of permanent self-assessment. In such a case, one may be compelled to identify himself as an impulse buyer (Belk, 2007). Such a person may find it difficult to plan his budget and through such a realization, he may find a viable solution such as discarding credit cards and carrying limited cash so as to be able to set a limit on his spending, which may be motivated by his willingness to buy everything that catches his attraction.

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