Seminar Case Management in Human Services

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Unit 2 Seminar Case Management in Human Services.The environment could be anywhere a person is located and the different systems refer to various kinds of environment. The microsystem is a small unit of the immediate environment in which the person operates from like a family or classroom. The other types of systems are a bit more complex but generally describe the interaction of two or more Microsystems to form larger environments, however it is all about how the person interacts with his environment ().Clients have various strengths in the various types of systems, for example in the microsystem, the client enjoys a closer relationship with a company or business, this relationship is often so close to the point that the client can express themselves better and push for good bargains. In the mesosystem, a client has the strength of being able to put to advantage his or her part of the system, for example when a company is a client to a different company, their relationship may influence the bargaining power of the client to its advantage. Finally, interactions between a client and a business in a macrosystem environment gives the client the strength inherent in power of choice. The ability to choose between many offers is a strength that most clients apply in the macro environment quite often.Ecological models are very important in working with clients because they enrich your knowledge and experience with dealing with different situations concerning clients. Being able to understand how the behavior of a client may be shaped by the environment is one of the necessities towards business success

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