Sense of likability arises

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 1 page essay on Answer the five following questions.In the same way, a sense of likability arises as one is forced to view the advert till it ends. The advert therefore scores very well in terms of the best qualities of conventional adverts.2)The company using alternative advertising is the clothing giant Barbour which is using quality as a way of advertising its products.The organization has realized that quality products will always sell and has therefore reduced the conventional forms of advertising. The focus in this regard is to ensure that each product is uniquely made and scores very high from the consumers. In essence, this strategy has over the years worked effectively for the organization and has enabled it to lead its industry.3)One ethical dilemma in marketing was realized by Toyota in its decision to recall some of its brand that had defective components. Indeed, this was a hard choice to make for the organization but it had to be done. It was indeed a great ethical dilemma for the management due to the great costs that were involved and the need to uphold quality which has always guided the

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