Sequence and communication diagram

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a sequence diagram and a communication diagram for the following scenario for a car rental reservation system: A customer access the reservation systems windows, and from the window creates a new reservation entry and enters reservation information such as name, car type, and time. The information in the reservation entry is then used to check availability of the desired vehicle from the car inventory and schedule database. If there is availability, a new reservation is created and the information from the reservation entry is sent to the reservation. The system records reservation to the car inventory and schedule database. Once the record is saved in the inventory and schedule successfully, the reservation a confirmation message shows up on the reservation systems windows and a confirmation email of the reservation is sent to the customer. If no car in the desired category is available during the specified time period, the inventory system will return a false message, and a denied reservation message is sent to the reservation systems windows. Then the temporary reservation entry is stopped. Requirement: Must show actor, lifelines, messages, loops, create statements, etc..We typically draw out the diagrams or use visual diagram.

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