Sex Offenders in the Criminal Justice System

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Write 2 page essay on the topic Sex Offenders in the Criminal Justice System.Sex Offenders in the Criminal Justice SystemSome of them become victims of family members, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, others become accidental objects of incontrollable marginal personalities and a big number of women suffer from home violence from partners and husbands.The victim I was talking to was a young college girl in her twenties. She was studying at the college when sexual assault happened and that prevented her from continuing her study. The things that she told me were very intimate and painful to her obviously .But after some time spent at the center she learned how to pull herself together and talk patiently and rationally. Now she feels comfortable speaking about sexual violence and uses her experience as the means to help others. I will not write the exact question as they are clear from the answers. The interview resembled a narration as the interviewee chose herself what she wanted to share with and what not.As many victims of sexual violence she knew the perpetrator personally through mutual friends before the incident. The perpetrator was physically strong, open-minded and confident. The acquaintance was brief and superficial nevertheless. He was older and more experienced than her and was paying her several compliments and smiling during the evening before the sexual assault.On the day of the incident they were at the party at their friends` house and the girl was invited to stay overnight. After going to bed late in one of the rooms the victim was woken up by the man`s voice who was ordering her to lay still and the hand that was stopping her mouth.

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