Short & long goals

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

Write an article on Short & long goals. It needs to be at least 500 words. Short and Long Goals Short and long goals A goal refers the set objectives that are aspired by an individual or a group to be achieved in the future. The achievement of various goals requires a given plan or strategy which is directly related to the achievement of those goals. In other words, there is what needs to be done in order to achieve a given set objective. However, in order for one to set the goal one needs to identify them. Therefore, the goal identification is the first set involved in the setting of the objective. To identify the one needs to consider if the aspired goal is achievable. Secondly, determine the time needed to achieve the goal and the resources required. When all that is done, one is able to identify if the goal is a short or long-term goal. The goal that does not take a lot of time to be achieved is referred to as short-term goals. This are the goals set to be achieved in a short duration of time thus do not require a lot of resources and planning. The examples of personal short-term goals are like setting the time to wake up in the morning to start some work. A given company may have a short-term goal of decreasing the operating expenses in a given period. Therefore, the goals depend on the type of operations that one is involved in and how much time needed to achieve them. The goals are ranked according to the level of urgency or importance to the individual setting them. It is obvious that one is bound to commence strategizing in achieving the goals that have a high level of urgency and importance. These goals also act as the transition to the stage of achieving the other goals. Therefore, if am faced with the challenge of choosing among different things I want to accomplish for example wake up early and complete revising for the exam. I will set waking up early as my first goal since it will enable me to revise for the exam effectively. One needs to focus on the most important things by giving them the first priority. This refers to making the choice of the thing that matters the most that others and then focusing on employing the resources on pursuing the goal. However, it is advisable for one to pre determine what it takes to get what one need done. This is by first evaluating the goal to determine if it is achievable. After determining the most important goal one needs to strategize on the achievement of the goal. This is by planning on what is required to achieve the goal. The long-term goal takes time to be achieved and need more resources and planning than the short term goals. In terms of the personal long-term goals one need to have an in look of something much bigger than him or herself. This depends on the passion and inspirations that one has. This goals takes time to be achieved thus require a lot of determination and patience. It is through the accomplishment of the short-term goals that one is able to achieve the long-term goals. An example I need to take all the relevant units in my course that is done in the duration of one semester in order to accomplish my long-term goal of securing a good job. However, there motive of securing the job as my long-term goal is to live a good life. It is also true that that also have an alternative in that I do not only have to pursue my education to become successful in life. I can also have the choice of starting a business and run it to earn a living. Nevertheless, a goal depends on the individual’s passion, talents, and desires. My passion is focused on pursuing education to get the prosperity and others choose to the various ways to get to their set objective.

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