Shorthand.h out loud

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Shorthand.h out loud’ whereas ‘b4’ stands for ‘before.’ Shorthand messaging usually hinders smooth communication between persons of different generations, especially between teenage students and middle-aged teachers in schools (Lenore, 2012). In this context, a section of the languages fraternity discourages the use of shorthand messaging while the other portion encourages the communication behavior. Personally, I am fond of shorthand messaging. Not only would I encourage the young generation to use shorthand messaging, but I would also provide a nurturing environment for the shorthand communication culture to blossom.Conservatives who are against the use of shorthand writing allege that abbreviations in communication are an outright assault on formal English. However, I am of the opinion that shorthand messaging is a natural evolution of English language. Undeniably, today’s formal English is substantially different from the formal English used in Shakespearian times. Language is a dynamic cultural component that evolves naturally with time (Lenore, 2012). Therefore, restricting the use of shorthand communication is an outright assault on cultural dynamism. In addition, I believe that language is a medium of expression. a channel through which one’s ideas and thoughts are documented. Instant messaging technologies today provide a means through which young people expresses themselves in a comfortable and simplified manner. Teachers hate to embrace the fact that teenagers in school would shallowly express themselves were they to use formal writing in class work (Lenore, 2012). For example, use of a frowning face at the end of an argument signifies presence of a counter-argument. Whenever shorthand communications are restricted, students fail to present their arguments wholly, partly because they are not accustomed to formal writing, and also because they are innately uncomfortable with dictates of language conservatisms.In conclusion, it emerges that

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