Should minors be tried as adults?

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Should minors be tried as adults? This is the topic that i choseWeek 11: Create your evaluative annotated bibliography using at least 5 sources and write a thesis or explain a well-defined problem/solution/call to action.Week 12: write the first 3 pages of your Persuasive EssayWeek 13:  complete the first draft of your entire essay, and submit (including Works Cited page)Week 14:  complete a self-review, create a revision agenda, revise your essay, and submit a final draftWrite an 8-9 page* Persuasive Essay in MLA format that either (1) effectively argues a position, or (2) effectively proposes a solution to a problem. Support your argument or proposal by using evidence, reason and, as appropriate, ethical, logical, and/or emotional appeal the entire essay at the end is supposed to be 8 pages with a work cited pageeach week has to be separate please on different paperboth files are attached for week 14please any questions just askTHere is also an outline of how to do it attached

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