Should we all become vegetarians

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Should we all become vegetarians In this regard, Singer refers to Jeremy Bentham: “the question is not, Can they reasons nor Can they talk but, Can they suffer?” (Singer, 1985, pars. 5) But here Singer’s position is deeply objectionable as well as debatable. For the sake of humanity, animals deserve kindness and sympathy from humans. but for the same reason, a man should have the right to kill an animal and to live on its meat. If humankind is sacked off the right to live on the flesh of other animals, it will be a sheer violation of the natural law. It is something like imposing a ban on a lion’s right to live on the flesh of buffalos. As far as Singer argues that humans should stop cruelty against nonhumans, it is good for the whole of mankind. But when he advises that mankind should stop eating meat or flesh, he advocates the violations of the laws of nature.It is right that animals also suffer and, therefore, humans should not inflict sufferings on them. But what should a man do, if the sufferings (or killing) of an animal can save the lives of millions? Or if the sufferings of animals can make millions of lives easy in a severe liver condition? In such a case, a man should do what a lion naturally does. Lions cannot live on grass because of its biological features. So, they need to kill sheep or buffalos for the sake of living. If considered in the context of the natural food chain, man, by dint of reasoning power and intellect, occupies the top position. Because of superior intellect, man has adopted the survival-capability by eating both meat and vegetable. In the food, man is the only eater who can grow their foods. So, growing and killing animals for food is humans’ natural ability to survive in their surroundings. This ability of man to kill animals and consume animal-flesh is as natural as a lion’s right to live on flesh. Therefore, Singer’s proposition that all modern men should be vegetarian is grossly flawed. It is because there are places on this earth where living on meat is the only condition of survival.

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