Shouldice Hospital Limited (B) Case Study

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Please read the “Shouldice Hospital Limited (B) Case Study and answer the questions:1. As an advisor to Chairman Jack Shevell and his management team at Centric, what advice would you give them concerning the future development of Shouldice Hospital as a business?2. Specifically, should Centric consider:a.  Offering hernia repair at one or more its seven surgical centers providing other types of surgical services?b.  Creating one or more free-standing shouldice Hospital, either in Canada or elsewhere in North America under Centric’s full ownership?c.  Entering into franchise partnership in which franchises would: (10 invest in physical facilities only, allowing Centric to operate the service, (20 invest in, and operate, facilities under the Shouldice name, paying Centric a franchise fee?d.  Something else?3. What could go wrong in implementing each of these alternatives? What should be done to make sure that what could go wrong doesn’t happen?

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