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Si chuan earthquake

Write 1 page essay on the topic Si chuan earthquake. Ion System, reveals that most of the local governments in China lacked the Decision Support System for daily management. thus, even during emergency situation, they did not have this crucial tool. (Liu & Ren, 2009).This evidence supports my argument because it shows that there was no preparedness to handle emergency situations such as earthquake. Decision Support System is a crucial tool in handling management and emergency issues. hence, it should not lack in local government because earthquake is prone in rural areas (Liu et al, 2006).An article on the China Earthquake Geospatial Research Portal suggests that it was possible to predict the magnitude, and in addition, former researcher, Geng Qingguo of Institute of Geophysics claims that he handed a confidential written report about his prediction of the earthquake to the State Seismological Bureau (Pekevski & Mavrodiev, 2008).This article is essential in providing evidence because it reveals that the necessary agencies were warned of the impending earthquake disaster, but they failed to take necessary actions. Thus, they also failed to establish adequate preparedness to minimize loss of lives and property destruction. Finally, a two year UNICEF report dated May 2010 also indicates that much could have been done to create preparedness, for example, aligning emergency response initiatives or programs with upstream policy programs (UNICEF, 2010).This report reveals that there were no policies in place to deal with such emergencies, for instance, enhancing intervention in emergency situations require coordination of emergency programs with policy initiatives, which were lacking in this case.I will still need to get evidence on statistical data regarding the degree of loss of lives and connect it with poor preparedness. I will also need to get evidence on what the government authorities say about the predictions and their level of preparedness. These I will get from the Chinese government department’s

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