Signal processing and communication

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on signal processing and communication. I feel that as our next-door neighbors, India and China, have experienced in recent years, information technology is one of the most important triggers of economic and social development. My personal conviction is that I can give my family and my country a better future by pursuing this vocational path.I was attracted to your University because your graduate program in engineering enjoys a positive reputation in my country. Your modern research facilities, qualified faculty, and industrial partnerships with some of the most well-known companies in the world made me think that studying at the University of Delaware will give me the competence and flexibility I need to excel in such a vast and rapidly changing field.I plan to undertake research and coursework in Electrical Engineering to enhance my competencies in this field, with the goal of completing a Master’s degree in your University. I am most interested in going more deeply into the field of electrical and electronic control systems, and signal processing and communications (SPC).I have been fascinated by this field, which has made possible many of the technological wonders that are benefiting so many people in the world. SPC has allowed better and greater communication, improving human and cultural relationships within nations and across continents, helping economies grow and escape from poverty, and opening up new business opportunities for young people like me who dream of a brighter future for us all.I have checked the University’s website (UD, 2006) and was attracted by the ongoing research areas, most specifically digital imaging and communications, wireless communications, and image and video digital signatures. I realize that once I get accepted, I will have to be more specific with my choices, but this is something I hope to finalize as I learn more about the potentials of the different areas of research. What I appreciate most is having a wide range to choose from and having an idea of what to expect when I (hopefully) get there.I believe that becoming part of a research team in your University will help me influence the future in a positive way.Are there special circumstances related to your academic record that you feel we should know aboutI completed my Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from the Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology in Bangladesh. I did very well in my courses in (here, you can list down 4 or 5 courses, or maybe even more, where you got the best marks, e.g., Calculus, Physics, Electronics Communications, Signal Processing, and Engineering Electives in Analog Electronics and Engineering Electromagnetics). I had excellent professors (it might be good to mention if one of them graduated from a U.S. university, or maybe even the University of Delaware) who taught us very well and motivated us to excel.

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