Sikh religion

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Create a thesis and an outline on Sikh Religion. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Because the immigrants from India move directly into the United States, they retain a significant amount of their culture and religion as they move into the United States. Even though some previously have lived in other countries before moving to the US, there are some aspects of cultural tradition and religion that the groups share (Gibson, 2).The events of the past decade that depicted Sikh as a violent outfit changed the view of Sikhism worldwide. In any ordinary society where the Punjabis would emigrate to, the neighbors would not easily accommodate their religious beliefs. The resistance followed the fact that the Sikh religion militantly demanded religious autonomy and the followers also wanted a semiautonomous state of Punjab. The result of this militant push was the invasion of the golden temple. the religious headquarter of Sikhism, assassinations of prominent Sikh religious leaders, and the massacre of several followers (Hawley and Mann, 1). This sets the background of this study which seeks to provide an insight into the life of a teen student of Punjabi origin in America.DiscussionSikhism is a monotheistic religion whose followers are referred to as Sikhs. The religion has its background and origin in the northwestern province of India that is known as the Punjabi region. Punjabis both extend into Pakistan and India and share a common culture and religion on both sides and are separated by the geographical locations. Some of the Punjabis in Pakistan have become Muslims but the culture, and traditional trends are no different. The actual origin of the religion dates back to the late fifteenth century.In this religion, in order for one to become a faithful Sikh, it is mandatory to believe that there are one immortal being and the existence of the ten gurus. There is the baptism in the religion that makes one change names. For the male members of the religion, the religion bequeaths the name Singh which means the lion, and the name Kaur or princes as the last names. After the initiation ceremonies, the Sikhs are required to perform a number of obligations that are in line with the Sikh religion. Upon this initiation, the naming rights are a necessity. There are also a number of symbolic instruments that the members of this religion are required to wear.

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