Simulation (Retail Store)

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

***This assignment is for the SIMULATION (RETAIL STORE), not for your own business idea.***Planning is essential in any business. This assignment is designed to help you develop a basic “game plan” that can help you make decisions as well as to reflect on the decision-making process. Use the guide questions below to write a business plan to describe who you are, what market your business will serve, and how you will ensure success.This business plan is based on the Simulation.

Your plan should be 400-500 words with proper spelling and grammar. Click here to learn more about business plans. ????????

Answer the following questions:

1. Company Description – Who are we?

2. Market Analysis – What market are we serving?

3. Management and Operation – How will we run the business?

4. Marketing – How will we market our business?

5. Projections – Where do we expect the company to be in two years?

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