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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on skill demonstration paper. Depressive Symptom and Lack of Motivation In this case, the patient is finding it hard to do chores that she would do without much difficulties except when she was tired. This included simple things such as house cleaning the house, going to the store to purchases things that they had run out. Another major chore that she would do was taking care of the kids before and after school. The client is a mother of two, and she has been a housewife for the last ten years [just after the birth of her firstborn son]. A suitable example of how the situation is, is the issue of not waking up to avoid the feeling of depression. Her husband would wake up at times and take care of things that she is supposed to have taken care of. The technique that I will use is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I will encourage the client to talk more and be free with the therapist. The following steps will be used to ensure the success of the therapy.1. Identify the situations that are causing the problem2. Being aware of one’s views of on this conditions3. Identify the thinking that are inaccurate4. Give the inaccurate thinking a challengeDuring the cognitive therapy, the client will be encouraged to talk out their feelings and thoughts (Cognitive behavioral therapy, 2013). In addition, cognitive behavioral therapy mainly focuses at the main issue at hand and how it would be solved. Home works will be given during the therapy period to ensure that what is learned is applied to the clients’ daily lives.ReferenceCognitive behavioral therapy. (2013, February 21). Retrieved from Mayo Clinic: http://www.mayoclinic.

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