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Essay on SLP 2 HRM. Paper must be at least 1000 words. This process also helps new employees to know what the organization expects from them. Implementation of training strategies in organizations also helps in attracting a pool of qualified employees who want to join organizations that also consider their professional development. This process also helps organizations have employees who are able to support their goals, which in turn supports their growth and expansion. Training also improves the level of motivation and efficiency of employees. Finally, this process decreases the need for employees to be supervised. This means that supervisors can use the time to perform more productive activities in the organization.Employees usually need to be trained in various areas from the time when they join and organization, for example, new employees need to be trained on the goals and objective of the company. They also need to be trained on how the company expects them to perform their duties. This is crucial because organizations do not have the same way of performing tasks. New employees will benefit in terms of being able to easily perform their duties. They will be more comfortable and confident in their tasks. Training is also crucial when new processes or technologies are introduced to the company. This will help employees gain knowledge on how to better perform tasks. New technology is useless if employees do not know how to make use of them. Employees will benefit by being more efficient in their duties as they apply the new processes or technologies.The process of training is intricate and challenging. Organizations need to divide up the process of training in different separate steps. For training to be successful, it is crucial for the organization to perform a training needs assessment. This makes sure that training concentrates on an employeeÂ’s weakness in order to improve the quality and the quantity of output. With a greater knowledge of the training

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