Small bronze statues

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Art 1A. Write a 1000 word paper answering; Small bronze statues were commonly found in every sanctuary in Greece. The Statuette of a Horse is one among these small sculptures. It is made out of bronze which measures 3 1/8” x 1 3/8” & 2 3/16”. It is typically molded as shown by its form. Minute details on the surface, however, were less apparent as the artifact was aged as observed by its surface texture.The artist showed both abstract style and naturalistic approach in this particular work. The artist was not so particular with the details of the artwork. The abstract characteristics of the statuette are shown by the long head, the small body and other features. Several works were found in Greece that showed similar approaches and style including the use of the horse as a subject which was evidence of naturalist idea. Although, less emphasis were given on naturalistic rendering but rather on details of some specific parts of the body as shown by the long legs which may have represented some characteristics the sculpture was made to symbolize. The artist might have petitioned agility and speed. It could be an offering to appease the Gods. Or it could be for something else.The maker of the artwork is unknown but the perforated base suggests that it was made in Southern Greece where this style was mostly observed based on literatures. The style was most common during the Geometric Period (8th century BCE) and the early archaic era which began in the early seventh century BC. Particularly, this sculpture was believed to be crafted during 750-700 BCE based on the Getty Museum record.During the Archaic period artists preferred the use of bronze (an alloy of copper and tin) against pure copper because of its ability to be molded easily. It is a known fact that bronze would stay liquid longer than pure copper when melted.

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